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Named in honour of Cecil R. Bagley

Senior Constable Cecil Bagley was at home with his wife and children at Mt Gravatt when at about 7pm on 14 February 1963 the attention of the Bagley and his wife was attracted by the sound of a light bulb exploding, and a scream. They then saw their neighbour Mr Chapman leaning on his motor vehicle with the open bonnet of the car resting on his head, and the engine of the vehicle still running.

Constable Bagley realised that Chapman had been electrocuted and he went to render assistance. He warned Mrs Chapman and his own wife that on no accountant were they to touch Chapman due to the danger to themselves of electrocution. He asked Mrs Chapman to turn off the electricity at the fuse box which she did. However before the power had been switched off, Bagley went to the driver's side door and leaned into the vehicle to turn off the ignition. He was electrocuted as he leant through the window.

Attempts were made to immediately revive both Bagley and Chapman but both failed to respond and were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Although Senior Constable Bagley was not on duty at the time of this accident, he was included on the Roll of Honour in recognition of the fact that by nature of their occupation police officers are always on duty and must be prepared to cope with any emergency whenever it arises1.

Qld Police Vessel "C. R. BAGLEY" - Brisbane



7 metre aluminium barge. Used by Brisbane Water Police diving section as a dive tender.

1Qld Police Role of Honour 1904-1963

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