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Named in honour of Douglas George Gordon

Constable Gordon, Registered Number 7514 was born in Bellingen New South Wales on the 18 July 1941. He married in July 1962 to Cheryl Dittmann; they were to have two children Kerri born in 1963 and Ross in 1965.

Constable Gordon was employed as a truck driver prior to joining the Queensland Police Force in 1966 at the age of 25 years.

On the 27 March 1968 Constable Gordon, while stationed the southern Brisbane suburb of Oxley, was called to a domestic disturbance at a residence in Japnica Street, Inala involving Gary Raymond Stabe and his defacto wife. Constable Polzin, from the neighbouring Inala police station, joined him at the house, it then being the practice for single officer patrols to be supported by officers from an adjoining station.

Constables Gordon and Polzin calmed the dispute and then left.

At 5:15 a.m. that morning Constable Gordon was called to the Oxley Ambulance Centre where Ambulance Officer Scully was having difficulty with two men and a woman. On his arrival at the Ambulance Centre Constable Gordon recognised one of these men as Gary Stabe and the woman as his wife.

Stabe's wife had been bought to the Ambulance Centre with a wound in front of her ear and a circular bruise on the point of her lower jaw. It was later ascertained that Stabe and his wife had earlier been at the Princess Alexandra Hospital casualty department but left without treatment for her injuries after Gary Stabe became involved in an argument with the nursing staff.

Stabe's wife later requested Constable Gordon's assistance to pack some clothes with a view to leaving her husband.

At about 5:30 a.m. Constable Gordon drove to 9 Japonica Street, Inala, where Constable Polzin again joined him.

On Constable Polzin's arrival Constable Gordon was standing in the lounge room of the house talking to Stabe who appeared agitated. Constable Gordon then followed Stabe into a bedroom when Stabe produced a .310 calibre rifle from under the bed shooting Constable Gordon in the head.

Constable Polzin who had witnessed the shooting rushed towards Stabe as Stabe swung the barrel towards him. Constable Polzin grabbed hold of the rifle barrel as Stabe pulled the trigger for a second time.

A violent struggle ensued with Constable Polzin finally disarming and handcuffing Stabe.

Stabe was secured in the police vehicle and the ambulance was called to attend to Constable Gordon. Ambulance Officer Scully arrived from Oxley Centre a short time later and found Constable Gordon dead in the bed room.

Gary Raymond Stabe, 25 years, labourer of Japonica Street, Inala was later arrested and charged with the 'Wilful Murder' of Constable Gordon. Following a trial before Mr Justice Douglas Stabe was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Stabe later appealed against his conviction to the Court of Criminal Appeal before Mr Justice Hanger, Mr Justice Stable and Mr Justice Matthews. His appeal was refused and his life sentence was confirmed.

Qld Police Vessel "D. G. GORDON" - Brisbane

"D G Gordon I"
"D. G. GORDON II" - Photo Moreton Bay
crew (left) Sergeant John Dickson (right) unknown
"D G Gordon II"

A 8.25 metre glass reinforced epoxy resin planing catamaran powered by twin 225 h.p. Outboard motors.

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