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Named in honour of Gregory James Olive

Constable First Class Gregory James Olive, Registered Number 5676, joined the Queensland Police Force in 1954 at the age of 20 years.

  On 19 February 1962, while stationed at the inner Brisbane suburb of Kelvin Grove, Constable 1/c Olive went to an address in Kelvin Grove to interview a person in connection with minor damage to property and possible theft. The suspect was Piotr Michalewicz, a 47 year old unemployed labourer. Michalewisz resided only 50 meters from the Kelvin Grove Police. Over the period that he had lived at this address, tension had developed between Michalewicz and his neighbour Mr Fletcher. Mr Fletcher told police that on 17 February Michalewicz shouted abuse at him and the following day he found his bedding and several frocks in his laundry slashed, his toilet flooded and the cistern arm twisted. A frock on the clothes line was also slashed. On the morning of the 19th Fletcher heard a noise in his kitchen and found Michalewicz standing by the refrigerator, Michalewicz left immediately and Fletcher later said that he found a quantity of horse meat for his cat, was missing. Fletcher made a complaint to Constable 1/c Olive at the Kelvin Grove Police Station who later accompanied him home to inspect the damaged property.

At about 9.50am that same day Constable Olive called at Michalewicz's house to speak to him about the matter. He knocked two or three times on the front door. The door was flung open and he was shot in the chest at close range by a .303 rifle. Olive staggered back from the door and collapsed. The door was then immediately slammed shut and locked. Olive died a few minutes later. Michalewicz was later shot and wounded by Sergeant Walker when attempts to get him to relinquish the rifle failed. In court Michalewicz pleaded guilty, the jury agreed and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the wilful murder of Constable 1/c Olive. ?

QPV G J Olive 1


A 7 metre glass reinforced epoxy resin planing catamaran powered by twin 175 h.p. outboard motors. Manufactured by Shark Cat on Queensland's Gold Coast.

G J Olive 2 at her moorings, Brisbane Water Police 1991.

"G J OLIVE II" Brisbane Water Police 1991

A 8.25 metre glass reinforced epoxy resin planing catamaran powered by twin 225 h.p. Outboard motors. Manufactured by Shark Cat on Queensland's Gold Coast. 

G J Olive III


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