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Named in honour of Senior Constable Peter Graham John Kidd

Senior Constable Peter KiddSenior Constable Kidd was born in Tamworth, New South Wales on the 1st August 1957 joined the Queensland Police Force on the 10 January 1977 when appointed a Probationary Constable. He was sworn in as a Constable on the 29 April 1977, served at Banyo, Traffic Branch Brisbane, Brisbane Mobile Patrols, Brisbane Task Force and the Tactical Response Group.

As a member of a Tactical Response Group Assault Team, Senior Constable Kidd was tragically killed by Paul James Mullin during the execution of "Operation Flashdance" on the 29 July 1987. Mullin was killed by a member of the Tactical Response Group during a continued exchange of gunfire.

"Operation Flashdance" was carried out in an attempt to apprehend Mullin who, having escaped in June 1978 from Sydney's Long Bay Gaol, was at the time one of Australia's most wanted criminals. During the nine years he evaded recapture, he was responsible for carrying out a number of major crimes and was wanted through out the entire country.

Senior Constable Kidd was posthumously awarded the Star of Courage on 9 August 1989.

Qld Police Vessel "P.G. KIDD" - Brisbane


"P. G. KIDD I" - 1989

A 9.8 metre Cougar Cat, glass reinforced epoxy resin planing catamaran built by Atlay Cat, Gold Coast in 1989 and was powered by twin 225 h.p. Outboard motors.


"P. G. KIDD II" - 1997

A 9.8 metre Cougar Cat, glass reinforced epoxy resin planing catamaran built by Atlay Cat, Gold Coast.

Launched 3 March 1997 and named by Mrs Shirley Kidd, mother of Senior Constable Peter Kidd, in the presence of Mr Russel Cooper MLA, Minister for Police and Commissioner Jim O'Sullivan.

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