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Named in honour of William Conroy

Photo Not AvailableSenior Constable William Conroy Registered Number 202 was born in 1862 and came to Australia from Ireland, joining the Queensland Police Force in 1883 at the age of 21 years.

On the 2 July 1895 Senior Constable Conroy, while stationed at Thursday Island, was called to attend a domestic disturbance at the home of Frank and Amelia Tinyana in Douglas Street, Thursday Island.

Frank Tinyana had armed himself with a knife and was hiding in the house.

As Senior Constable Conroy commenced to search for Tinyana in the yard of the house Tinyana attacked his wife stabbing her several times. Senior constable Conroy witnessing the attack placed himself between Tinyana and his wife in an attempt to protect her. Although stabbed a number of times and bleeding profusely from his wounds Senior Constable Conroy managed to restrain Tinyana until he could be assisted by the arrival of Constable Clines.

Senior Constable Conroy died shortly after Tinyana was taken into custody. Following his death the members of the Queensland Police Force took up a collection for a memorial monument that was erected over his grave on Thursday Island.

Senior Constable Conroy's grave site and the memorial are maintained by the serving officers of the Thursday Island Water Police.

Memorial erected over the grave of Senior Constable Conroy - Thursday IslandThis stone is erected by the Queensland Government and the Officers and men of the Queensland Police Force.

Memorial erected over the grave of Senior Constable Conroy Thursday Island
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Frank Tinyana was tried and convicted of the wilful murder of Senior Constable Conroy and was executed on the 4 November 1895.


"W. CONROY I" - Photo taken circa 1986 in Loders Creek, Southport.

Photo - "W. CONROY I",  Loders Creek, Southport circa 1986
(after transfer to Gold Coast and renamed "C. W. BROWN II")
Crew (left) Senior Constable Mark Landells - (right) Sergeant 1/c Neville Cooper


Launched October 1981 the "W. CONROY I" a 18 foot Shark Cat, glass reinforced epoxy resin catamaran, powered by twin 115 h.p. outboard motors was manufactured by Shark Cat on the Gold Coast.

Although "W. CONROY I" was originally commissioned into service with the Thursday Island Water Police in 1983 it was exchanged with the "C.W.BROWN I" attached to the Gold Coast Water Police. Both vessels were renamed to reflect this change.


"W. CONROY II" previously "C. W. BROWN I"

"W. CONROY II" - 23 December 1978


"W. CONROY II" 23 foot Shark Cat glass reinforced epoxy resin catamaran powered by twin 175 h.p. outboard motors manufactured by Shark Cat on the Gold Coast.

"W. CONROY II" originally commenced service with the Gold Coast Water Police on the 23 December 1978 and was officially launched in February 1979 and named the "C.W.BROWN I". Following the addition of the "D.W.WREMBECK I" to the Gold Coast Water Police fleet she was exchanged with the Thursday Island Water Police for the launch "W. CONROY I" an 18 foot Shark Cat. The "W. CONROY I" was renamed "C.W.BROWN II" and continued duty on the Gold Coast. The "C.W.BROWN I" was renamed "W. CONROY I" and saw further service in the Torres Strait.


"W. CONROY III" - Photo taken 2nd May 1997 after her transfer to Cairns Water Police and renamed "M. L. LOW"  - Photo Mal Bettenay

"W. CONROY III" - Photo taken 2nd May 1997 after she was transferred to Cairns Water Police and renamed "M. L. LOW"


Built Maryborough 1964, the "W. CONROY III" was first launched under the name 'YARAN' and operated by the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol.

The 'YARAN' was acquired by the Queensland Police Service and renamed "W.CONROY' and based at Thursday Island.

The 'W.CONROY III' was transferred to Cairns Water Police in 1996 under the command of Sergeant Warren Francis where she was renamed the 'M.L.LOW'. She was decommissioned and replaced by the 'Russel A. Wilson' on the 3rd June 1998.

"W. CONROY IV" 1996


18 metre semi-displacement timber patrol boat built by Norman Wright Brisbane.

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