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In Memoriam

It is the policy of the Queensland Police Service to name new police vessels in honour of officers who have given their lives in the service of the people of the State.

These pages are an attempt to further preserve the memory, and recognise the service and sacrifice, of these officers. 

Please click on the links in the Menu on the left to see details of each officer who has been recognised in this way.

Details of all officers of the Queensland Police who have died on duty can be found on the official Queensland Police website at the following link:

Queensland Police Service - Commemoration


National Police Memorial

National Police Memorial On the 29th September 2006 a National Police Memorial was dedicated to the more than 700 police officers from across Australia who have been killed on duty or have died whilst on duty.

Please take a moment to visit the memorial site.

National Police Memorial



Author's Note

It has been the practice of the Queensland Police that a number of vessels have carried the same name without including the sequence number. For example the four vessels that saw duty with the Gold Coast Water Police named in honour of Senior Constable Colin Wesley Brown were named "C W Brown", and not "C.W.BROWN I", "C.W.BROWN II" and so on. Where this has happened the author has added this numbering in an attempt to individually identify each vessel in chronological order.


Special thanks is given to the Queensland Police Service Museum, Senior Sergeant Owen Finlay, Officer-in-Charge, Queensland Police Marine Technical Section and Sergeant Edi Mian, Brisbane Water Police for their assistance.

Future editions of this page will give further details of the vessels used by the Queensland Police Service and the officers after which they are named.

The author would appreciate contributions from anyone with information or photos of the officers, or the vessels after whom they are named.

Please email - enquiries@qldwaterpolice.com

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